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A clean head shave looks and feels great. However, if you’ve ever dealt with irritated skin after shaving, you know how uncomfortable it can be. The key to a close, comfortable head shave is preparation. The ShaveBeanie is a pre shave hot towel developed for head shaving. It will not only soften stubble, making it easier for a razor to cut through your hair, but also open up your pores. This means your razor encounters less resistance as it glides across your skin. The ShaveBeanie can be used for sink shaving or shower shaving. It’s made of highly absorbent organic cotton fabric that retains heat, and it’s designed to fit lower on the backside of your head to ensure the base of your neck is covered and primed for shaving.

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Product Description

A barbershop hot towel shave in your bathroom.

Shower Shaver

Wear the ShaveBeanie in the shower. Saturate it with hot water. The combination of heat, steam & hot water will soften the hair. Remove it after 2 or 3 minutes and you’ll be ready for a great head shave.

Sink Shaver

Soak the ShaveBeanie in hot water for 30 seconds, wring it out and put it on. Remove it after 1 minute and you’ll be ready for a great head shave.

Post Shave Cool Down

Soak the ShaveBeanie in cold water for 30 seconds, wring it out and wear it for a minute or two for a post shave cool down.

Reduces Irritation and Razor Burn

The heat & steam from the ShaveBeanie softens the hair and opens up the pores. The result is an extremely close & comfortable head shave.

Prolongs Razor Life

The hairs on your head absorb the water from the ShaveBeanie, expanding them and making them easier to cut. This results in less blade friction, which prolongs razor life.


Made from all U.S. grown organic cotton.
Highly absorbent, soft, durable fleece.
100% eco friendly.
Manufactured with no harmful chemicals.
Made in U.S.A.

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  • I’ve used the ShaveBeanie for several months now and it’s been a game changer. I can wet it up, put it on in the shower and in a few minutes I’m ready to shave. Even for those in between shave days when I need a quick cleanup this works perfectly and I’ve noticed little to no bumps or burn. I highly recommend this for anyone who shaves their head with a razor.

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